Climbing Ulassai Association

Climbing Ulassai is a non-profit association based in Ulassai, Sardinia. Cooperation with the village Ulassai is, lightly put, extremely important to us. We live here and the opinion and well being of our friends and neighbours in Ulassai are vital. This goal, or mindset, is what makes us unique. Sleep, eat and drink locally… its quite simple. If you are looking for a warm bed have a look at our homepage. On top of that we are climbers. We’re constantly thinking about climbing in Ulassai and how it will develop. We bolt, organise events, make the new guidebook and so on. This is fantastic but it also comes with a lot of worries. Too many uneducated climbers in the same crag creates mess. Toilet paper, noise, grade tickers… Really, we must stay on top of this, don’t you think?!

To chase that vision we are proud to present you our non-profit association “Climbing Ulassai”. All that bolting, festival-organising and guidebook-making is now dressed in a fancy new legal jacket. 

“Eeerm, sorry Climbing Ulassai, but what does that change for us?”
Well. You can be part of this. You can join our club. You can do it to support the development of climbing in Ulassai or to benefit from the advantages of a membership. This membership gives you access to the bolting material, it acts as an insurance on all the events that we organise and gives you prime time updates about the climbing in Ulassai (through the facebook group). Other advantages include:

Price for sheets in Nannai dormitories €5  FREE

Price for Nannai jumper €35   €30

The price of a membership card is 10 euros.
A bargain!