Bolting and safety

Bolting in Ulassai is regulated. We are closely working together with local authorities, therefor you should always get in contact first before you start bolting.
We are bolting and rebolting regularly. All new lines are following the highest modern standards. We only use Inox 316 bolts in combination with pure epoxy resin. Together with the townhall of Ulassai we are slowly updating the older routes.
Although climbing in Ulassai is nearly always safe, you should always follow your own judgement. Remember that climbing is a dangerous sport. Accidents can be avoided with a knot in the end of the rope, a partner check and a helmet.

For more info about bolting and suggestions about safety please contact

We are not responsible for any accidents that might occur from the use of information on this website.

What gear to bring

A 70 meter rope will bring you down safely from most climbs, although an 80 meter rope is nice to have in sectors like Su Casteddu, Bacilli or Scala Ussassa. Bolting is generous, so bring at least 16 quickdraws and the necessary gear for changing the anchor. Whenever a line is longer then 35mt, it will be indicated in the guidebook. There are constantly new lines popping up. The chance of rock fall on these new routes is high, therefor wearing a helmet is strongly advised.

To save big on check in luggage. The local climbing shop Dirtbag Climbing Shop offers a full set of climbing gear for 2 people for 50€/week.