Hear Hear! We release upon you, from the 31st of May untill the 2nd of June. Ulassai Festival 2019!

We will make Sardinia rock, bike, highline, yoga, sing, dance, eat, drink and chill out to the max once more. That’s right lovely people, 3 days of pure, mouth dribbling joy are coming our way.
Again we will have a big campsite in the middel of the village, so dig up those dusty tents and fill up your rusty vans with beer and friends (in that order).
Check this page every hour of the day, this is where we will keep you updated about everything. Everything!

Program 2019

The 2019 festival program will be uploaded soon. Have a coffee and check again in 10 minutes.

3 days of festival = 15€

No no we are joking… 15 € for a 3 day festival ticket would be way too cheap.
HA! We were joking again. It actually is 15€ for 2019’s most glorious days. Hilarious.

In March we will start the presale of our tickets online, so start counting your coins. You will get a ferry discount code for Grimaldi, once the payment has gone through. You can also pay on the day itself.


How do we get in Ulassai?

By car or by plane. There are many ferries going from the mainland to Sardinia. Have a look on Aferry.com
If you decide to fly, it’s best to fly to Cagliari airport. From there it is much easier and closer by to connect to Ulassai.

How do I get my ferry discount code?

You will need to buy your festival ticket online. After the payment goes through you will get an automatic reply with the code. Tickets will be available for purchase from the 1st of March.

I want to camp. Is there a campsite?

Yes, there is a big festival campsite in the middle of the village. There will be toilets. You can camp in your tent or camper.

Is this list going to get any longer?
Yes, over time.